REACT application to call secure Azure WEBAPI Service – NO USERS

I have created a simple REACT application that is ONLY run on a local PC attached to a large screen on our network. Internal use only! It is like a billboard or dashboard. There is ZERO user interaction. The screen is NOT a touch screen and there is no keyboard and mouse attached. Therefore NO users to login.

Utilizing state/customState with passport-azure-ad

I’m having trouble figuring out the purpose of customState and if/how I can utilize it to pass data to the return url. Specifically I wish to route the user back to their original location after being signed in. I thought I could pass the original url to the parameter customState and have it returned back to me in the return url POST, but it appears to be encoded or perhaps replaced with a different value.

passport-azure-ad: which strategy to use

We have front end developed in AngularJS and backend APIs in NodeJs. We are using Azure AD for authentication. Frontend Angular is using adal-angular javascript library for azure authentication. So when user comes to web site, he gets redirected to and upon successful authentication he gets redirected back to our web site. So far so good.
I have to protect backend api’s using passport-azure-ad library. Only the frontend is calling these APIs. There are two strategies available using this library
1> OAuth2Bearer strategy
2> OIDCStrategy for Open ID Connect