Indesign index capturing variants

I need to create a large index for a book in Indesign. I have tried the Indesign Index feature, but the problem is that I need each term to capture multiple variants under one term, such as singular and plural (and as the book is in in Czech language, many other inflected forms) and I have not found a way to do that with the Index feature.

Restrict image selection but allow copying text in pdf

I’m working on writing a technical ebook on Adobe Indesign. There are many engineering drawings and smart-arts (in .png format) which I want to include in it. When I export the book as pdf, the images that are included in it show selection around them when clicked. I want to make the image indiscoverable by the user i.e. the selection should not appear as if the image is part of the text and not like a layer stacked upon it.

Indesign GREP: Negative lookbehind with variable length

I use a complex .txt for the basic findchangebylist-script that is included in inDesign to fix some common typography mistakes. F.e. it changes the hyphen to an en dash and puts a thinspace between 3-4 or puts a fixed space between p.4 (page four). Sadly this destroys URLs if they contain these. For exhample becomes http://www.file3 - 4p.