I Cant delete multiple items using DynamoDB BatchWrite including a primary key and sort key

So I’m trying to delete two records for the same user. However, when I run the Lambda function below it really does not console log either a success or failure and the records are not deleted in DynamoDB. Any advice on how I could modify the below to get the expected result of having both records deleted would be appreciated. Thanks

Put or Get from a DynamoDB from a Lambda using Nodejs

I’ve come across an issue I’m having with being able to do anything with a DynamoDB if my put or get call is in a file outside of my index.js file. For example, my code structure is in an MVC type framework. Below I have my exports.handler in my index.js, which calls a function in a controllers folder. It starts the call, but when it gets to the put or get for dynamo, it goes blank (console logging). No errors, just stops. Has anyone run into this? Example below.

Serverless can’t fetch all records Event object failed validation?

I am trying to fetch all records using query and JSON schema but I am keep getting Event object failed validation unless I pass a query it didn’t give me any result.
I am trying to fetch all the records that have status=OPEN
I set the default value of status=OPEN but it looks like default value is working.
Unless I pass the status=OPEN as a query
Please help me!!!