Laravel retryUntil job exits after 4th retry without failing

I am trying to debug some bizarre behaviour of my PHP application. It is running Laravel 6 + AWS SQS. The program downloads call recordings from a VoIP provider’s API using a job. The API has a heavy rate limit of 10req/minute, so I’m throttling the requests on my side. The job is configured to try to complete within 24 hours using retryUntil method. However, the job disappears from the queue after 4 tries. It doesn’t fail. The job’s failed method never gets executed (I’ve put logging and Sentry::capture in there). It’s not on the failed_jobs table. The last log says “Cannot complete job, retrying in … seconds”, which is right before the release call. However, the job simply disappears from the queue and never gets executed again.

SQS Timeout from Lambda within VPC

I have a Lambda that needs to be on a VPC to talk to protected resources like RDS and AWSDocumentDB. It also needs to be able to see the outside world for some calls to 3rd party APIs. To do this I used the VPC wizard to create a VPC that had both public and private subnets. The wizard also created and attached an Internet Gateway.