Server side rendering not working with modules lazy loading angular 12 on live server

On the localhost module, lazy loading is working fine, showing meta tags and HTML content in <app-root><app-root/> in the view page source, but it is not showing on the live server. On the live server, I can only see meta tags and HTML contents of components that are direct children of AppModule but lazy loaded modules components are not showing meta tags and HTML. This weird behavior is only on the live server.

“Unexpected token import” error with Angular4 + Universal + ng-bootstrap

So I upgraded to angular 4+ just so that I can leverage the universal package for server side rendering for SEO purposes. I implemented that in my existing angular 2+ project by upgrading it to angular 4+ and did all the necessary configuration from

Laravel – Too slow sitemap creation (Apache and Node.js installed on the same server)

I am running two Angular2+ projects and a Laravel API on my server together. The first angular project is a public website for users (SSR enabled), the second angular project is Admin Panel (SSR not enabled), these two projects run on Laravel API. I have a strange problem with sitemap creation.