is it possible to make the antd FormItem flexiable

I am using FormItem as the app UI table filter condition, and using Row and Col to layout the component. Current I am facing a problem that when user scale the window, the FormItem could not auto fit the screen resize. So I want to make the FormItem flexiable, when user scale the broswer window, the FormItem could auto rearrangement to multiline to fit the screen change automatically. This is the code current I am using:

React Ant Design form.resetFields() doesn’t call onChange event of

I’m having an Ant Design <Form> component with <Form.Items> which have onChange events. If the onChange event function is true I’m displaying extra content.
So in the example sandbox I created, when changing all the the <Radio> to Yes it fires the onChange event which is validated and then showing a div with the text “You checked all answered with yes”.
As I’m using <Form> it is a form controlled environment so I’m using form to set and reset values. But when calling form.resetFields() the onChange handlers are not called. So the message won’t go away as the state not refreshes. So I have to find a way to call a function from the parent component which refreshes the form values in the child component.
Using useImperativeHandle() for every field to update on more complex forms to call functions from the parent seems way too complex for such a simple task. And adding custom events to communicate with parent components seem to be a not very react way when reading this stack overflow thread
Is there something from the Ant Design form I’m missing? Because this must be a common task. What’s a good way to approach this problem?