Sending multiple iPhone push notifications + APNS + PHP

I am working on a PHP website + iPhone application and API for iPhone application, has a messaging system for students and doctors, when any one sends message (from website or iPhone) the other user should get push notification on his iphone. For example if student adds a new question for teacher, a push notification on teachers iPhone/iPad will be send to teacher and when teacher replies to student’s answer, student will get a push notification.

Anyone using Node.js with Amazon SNS and Apple Push Notifications?

I’m looking for examples of using node.js with Amazon SNS and Apple APN push notifications. We use Amazon for our hosting, and I have used SNS before, it’s pretty simple. But the examples they have for push notifications are for java, and there is no examples for Node. It’s confusing, as usual with them, and I’m hoping to cut my research and time spent short. It can’t be that hard. I’m also wondering how they deal with errors, and the differences between the sandbox and production. Apple reacts differently between the two environments, not failing in the sandbox as they do in production.