Choppy/inaudible playback with chunked audio through Web Audio API

I brought this up in my last post but since it was off topic from the original question I’m posting it separately. I’m having trouble with getting my transmitted audio to play back through Web Audio the same way it would sound in a media player. I have tried 2 different transmission protocols, binaryjs and socketio, and neither make a difference when trying to play through Web Audio. To rule out the transportation of the audio data being the issue I created an example that sends the data back to the server after it’s received from the client and dumps the return to stdout. Piping that into VLC results in a listening experience that you would expect to hear.

Is there a good radio-like audio streaming solution for node.js?

I’m looking for something to stream audio like radio (playing continuously and clients can join in the middle of a song) with node.js. Is there any node.js module (which I couldn’t find)or anything else that I can use along with node.js to achieve this? Is this possible at all with node.js? If not, what do you recommend to use otherwise? (though, I prefer node.js) It’s ok for me to use HTML5 Audio API and I don’t care about IE support.