What should be done when the provisioned throughput is exceeded?

I’m using AWS SDK for Javascript (Node.js) to read data from a DynamoDB table. The auto scaling feature does a great job during most of the time and the consumed Read Capacity Units (RCU) are really low most part of the day. However, there’s a programmed job that is executed around midnight which consumes about 10x the provisioned RCU and since the auto scaling takes some time to adjust the capacity, there are a lot of throttled read requests. Furthermore, I suspect my requests are not being completed (though I can’t find any exceptions in my error log).

dynamodb.put().promise() not returning the put object

I am trying to make use of the async/await functionality with regard to aws and dynamo db. Below is an example of how to put an object pre asyn await, as you can see in the callback you have access to data which contains the put object. However in the second block of code which uses async and promise the result is an empty object, any thoughts?