Blockchain altering + payable transactions with Ethers.js

I’m trying to create a mint function on my dapp where a user can connect their metamask wallet, connect to the proper network (in this case I’m just testing it so it is Goerli, chainID: 5) and then click a mint button and be asked to accept the transaction, at the moment I’m struggling getting the correct syntax and setting the correct values for the transaction object, I get the error:

Javascript with blockchain development, address.trans returns [] when theres no transactions pend

address.trans returns [] when theres no transactions pend if(txs === []){ returns a transaction still Any solutions? Basically registering a “depo” when I never depo’d to the generated wallet.enter image description here Answers: Thank you for visiting the Q&A section on Magenaut. Please note that all the answers may not help you solve the issue … Read more

Failed to evaluate transaction: Error: You’ve asked to invoke a function that does not exist: getLastPatientId

I want to do inheritance in Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode using NodeJs.
I have created two classes CommonContract and AdminContract. CommonContract is the base class and AdminContract child class. But I got error when I invoke getLastPatiendId function from AdminContract. Error is as follows.