How to censor individual words in a long text paragraph without catching attention to them?

I have a video presentation slide with one long text paragraph of ~30 lines of purely black text on purely white background (well, with some font smoothing) that I am using in a presentation video. The whole text itself is in regular font with no special formatting, I definitely do not expect the audience to read it during those 15–20 seconds they see it. Let’s say it’s only the last sentence that I’m actively pointing to and the whole shown text is just to emphasize its quantity.

Blur / Drop Shadow Effect Vector Adobe Illustrator

I am start to learning adobe illustrator, I want to ask about making drop shadow / gaussian blur of an object in vector ( non bitmap / raster ) type.
I found a file and want to use it for study material, but I confuse how / from where this shadow was made.
I check the layers are only one object. But if I ungroup it the shadow was dissapeared.