Problem converting color from RGB to CMYK for print

I designed a poster in CorelDraw X5 for printing purposes. I was told by the Printshop guy to use colors only in CMYK. For the most part I did, I don’t know why I missed it but I used one color in RGB. I liked this color so much that I’ve used it at many places. So, current situation is that some colors are in RGB and some are in CMYK. So, I want to convert all RGB to CMYK and thought the problem would be solved. But now I’m actually facing a lot of trouble. The colors are not at all same. I hate the colors that it is showing me.

Opening Adobe illustrator CS5 file in CorelDRAW X5

I was totally new to graphic design and the best I could do was resize images in MS Paint or use Word 2010. Than I discovered Adobe Illustartor as I needed to make a logo and Letter Head. After breaking my head against my monitor (does not hurt any more) and learning it for 2 weeks, I became sufficiently good enough (if I can be excused to say that) and designed the logo and letterhead. Now it has to go to print.

How to create a shadow like this corel?

With flat designs trending across the board in the graphic designing community, there have been some amazing and subtle effects out there… One of those effects is a simple shadow like the one in this picture. I am a huge corel fan and have lately started using coreldraw for everything, but i still can’t make shadows like this one.enter image description here