Where can I find my current installed brushes for Corel Painter?

When importing brushes, or creating variants, it’s sometimes handy to be able to access the actual files that define the brush. The Program Files entry for Corel Painter (C:Program FilesCorelPainter 2019Brushes by default) has the brushes initially installed, but not variants created within the program or within a given Workspace? Where can I find them?

Replicating the Foreground/Background Jitter from Photoshop in Corel Painter

I was recently introduced to a set of Photoshop brushes that cleverly use the Foreground/Background Jitter (jittering between the foreground and background colors) to create a fur texture quickly. I’ve been trying some ways to do this in Corel, but the closest I’ve managed so far requires making a new custom gradient every time I switch colors. Does anyone know if there’s some similar capability in Painter that I am missing?

How to convert or replicate Mystic Mountains brushes from Corel Essentials 6 to Corel Painter 2019

Last year, I asked Is there a good free replacement for the “Foliage” brush in Corel’s Bob Ross “Mystic Mountain” toolset?, about doing the provided Mystic Mountains tutorial despite not having the full brush set. I eventually just settled for improvising without all of the provided brushes. I have since bought another Humble Bundle, this one including Corel Painter 2019. And so I decided to try to use those Essentials brushes I’d received before in Painter 2019. Unfortunately, the installer provided would not install to Painter, and I cannot find the brush files to import. And, even if I wanted to buy those brushes anew, their license expired, so the Bob Ross brushes are no longer available for purchase.

Is there a good free replacement for the “Foliage” brush in Corel’s Bob Ross “Mystic Mountain” toolset?

I recently acquired a copy of Corel Essentials 6 from the Bob Ross Humble Bundle as well as what was billed as the “Corel Painter Essentials Mystic Mountain Essentials Brush Pack”. Much to my chagrin, when I started following their Mystic Mountain tutorial, I found it’s apparently actually built for their Corel Painter product and another Mystic Mountain brush set. I’ve been able to adapt a fair amount of what they’ve suggested, but I’m slightly stymied where they’re calling out for a “Foliage” brush. As best I can tell, as seen at 22:15 of the tutorial, this creates alternating diagonal strokes in the direction of painting in slightly varying shades of the color chosen. It provides a stroke that fades in from a narrow line to a wider one based on pressure, with slightly furry edges. It does certainly seem to do the job of drawing a lot of trees very quickly.