Importing images from public folder in react

OK last hail mary here. I’ve seen this question a lot but no clear answer. I moved all of my images out of my src folder to my public folder into a sub-folder images. And used the URL like ./images/my-image.png but the image isn’t populating. I am using create-react-app. How do I call images from a public folder outside of my src folder.

Should I add my html code to index.html or App.js on my react app?

I’m just starting React and I’m confused on how to start adding my previous static website code into the react app. My react app contains a folder called public and a file in it called Index.html and it seems the changes in Index.html effect the website. But I’ve seen lots of videos and online forms where people add their website code into the App.js file located in src using JSX instead of the public folder.