Difference between corporate design and brand design?

Hi guys I need your help! For a study project I have to change the appearance of a real company. Now it looks like the company A want to implement a new project. This should not adopt the design of company A. It should not be recognizable that company A is behind the project. For the project they want a logo, typography, colors, a website (online trade) etc..

Does printer color usage depend on how the object is designed?

This seems a stupid question but I am not sure about its result. suppose we want to draw a yellow triangle over a blue rectangle. Is it important (for printing purpose) to colorize the below of triangle or not? (see the below image). If the input of printer were photoshop or CorelDraw or illustrator file then printer has access to its layers and that is not clear to me printer prints each layer simultaneously or not? If I am right so I should be so careful when I am using layers. Right?

Should an organization have more than one design system?

Design Systems are very popular in organizations right now. They typically are used for a consistent component library across products in an organization. I’ve read that cross-disciplinary teams can benefit from the design system. However I cannot find actionable examples of a marketing team benefitting much from a design system.

How do you decide the text direction when written in vertical direction?

Every other design for social media, I face this problem. I discussed this in room also. I came to know that different countries have different views. They also gave examples about book spine. Which I couldn’t understand very well.
How do you decide the text direction when written in vertical direction?
How do you decide the text direction when written in vertical direction?
Now I know it can be opinion based. But I also know this is a genuine problem. If this weren’t a graphic design problem, I would never be so much confused about every other design. I often face this problem.

Does the position of a product according to this type of composition affect something?

Many times, when I design, the end result is such that top part of design is bright and bottom is dark or the opposite. And usually (sometimes not possible) I end up placing copy in 1 part and the product in other part (not deliberately, but it just happens or sometimes it is required). Here’s a rough layout for the same: