How to extract text from word file .doc,docx,.xlsx,.pptx php

There may be a scenario we need to get the text from word documents for the future use to search the string in the document uploaded by user like for searching in cv’s/resumes and occurs a common problem that how to get the text , Open and read a user uploaded Word document,there are some helpful links but don’t cure the whole problem.We need to get the text at the time of uploading and save text in database and we can easily search within the database.

Upload DOC or PDF using PHP

I’m able to upload images fine, but when when I change the types from image/jpg, image/gif to application/msword and application/pdf, it doesn’t work. Here’s my code. The exact same code works for images, but for uploading docs and pdf, it outputs “Invalid File.” What’s going on here? My file is only approx 30kb and is well under the file size limit here.

Parse Microsoft Office files in Node.JS

I’m working on a web application where users can upload Microsoft Office Document files. Right now, our server is running Node.JS with Express.js and we’re hosted on Heroku. Because of this, I don’t think that I can install programs such as abiword or catdoc. I can handle the file uploads, but can’t parse the contents of the document.