React Nesting Router is not working in react-router-dom v6

I am using ERB (Electron React Boilerplate) and trying to use React Router Dom v6.2.1.
So I am using Router with MemoryRouter because BrowserRouter is not a good way to build a windows desktop application.
Here I face one issue. Nesting Router is not working in MemoryRouter.
If I use this in BrowserRouter, it’s okay.
Here is my code and please let me know how to make nesting router in MemoryRouter.

Typescript + React/Redux: Property “XXX” does not exist on type ‘IntrinsicAttributes & IntrinsicClassAttributes

I’m working on a project with Typescript, React and Redux (all running in Electron), and I’ve run into a problem when I’m including one class based component in another and trying to pass parameters between them. Loosely speaking, I’ve got the following structure for the container component: