Please , how to retrieve line items to Visualforce Email Template?

I try to create Visualforce Email Template in order to send our Purchase order (BC) to the supplier So I need to insert inside the mail , all (BC line items ) I begin to create HTML+CSS code , but after with apex , there is an error and I can’t find where is it ?
after testing with the code below I have this kind of message :

Test case failures due to VF email template

First, a little background information: I’m working on an end-to-end custom quoting solution that leverages the standard Quote object. We also utilize Sterling CPQ, which serves as the end-state for all quotes created using our VF page (the Sterling mashup is a little sluggish and lacks a few features that are much more easily-implemented by our custom solution). Users will create a standard Quote record using the page, and after they’re satisfied with the changes they will be “promoting” the record to a CPQ quote.