how to cancel/abort ajax request in axios

I use axios for ajax requests and reactJS + flux for render UI. In my app there is third side timeline (reactJS component). Timeline can be managed by mouse’s scroll. App sends ajax request for the actual data after any scroll event. Problem that processing of request at server can be more slow than next scroll event. In this case app can have several (2-3 usually) requests that already is deprecated because user scrolls further. it is a problem because every time at receiving of new data timeline begins redraw. (Because it’s reactJS + flux) Because of this, the user sees the movement of the timeline back and forth several times. The easiest way to solve this problem, it just abort previous ajax request as in jQuery. For example:

Jest/Enzyme | Test a function call in componentDidMount

What to do when you want to test that a function is been called, on componentDidMount() React lifecycle Method. Basically the component code looks like this: state = { randomStateToPopulate: [] }; // Test componentDidMount componentDidMount() { this.randomFunction(); } randomFunction= () => { listRandomData().then(({ data }) => { this.setState({ randomStateToPopulate: data }); }); }; So, … Read more