Auto refreshing list of items in flutter application retrieved from MySQL database

I have a flutter application where I retrieve data (temperature readings) from MySQL database. Since I get new data every 30 seconds, I would like my application to auto-refresh the screen so that new data will be displayed automatically each time it is updated. I use getReadingList() to retrieve data and use it only in initState() method. I know could call getReadingList() every 30 seconds, but is there a more efficient built-in solution?

Geting data from mysql to StreamBuilder Flutter

I have an assignment and I have to take data from mysql server into a flutter and pass it to StreamBuilder and I was trying to use the same class we are using it in firebase and now I have problem with passing the data that I already take it from the server into the StreamBuilder and as I remember I have to use a different type of snapshot, any help.