Gradle task to create docker mysql container and fill it with databases and empty tables

Basically the title, is there any good approaches i should look into? Currently i have an idea that gradle task will run docker compose file that creates mysql container and then something like liquibase that creates database and fills it with empty tables , but i’m having troubles finding how to make it real and if this is even possible, and maybe there are other better solutions.

No suitable driver found (minecraft forge 1.17.1)

I started modding minecraft with forge 1.17.1 two days ago. I’m trying to connect to a mysql database. First I thought I forgot to add the dependencies so I tried with implementation files("./libs/mysql:mysql-connector-java-8.0.25.jar") but it didn’t change anything. Then I tried with Class.forname("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver") but I got a ClassNotFoundException.
I need help please.