Turning paths into guides InDesign CS6

Is it possible to turn this van der graaff grid into a guide? They are just line paths. I have it on my masters page and I want to make it disappear when I hit the W key like my other guides. I have tried searching how to to this but from all I can see it is the Layout>create guides that is being suggested which is not what I’m after. I have also seen suggestions for right clicking on a path to give option for creating guides but that option doesn’t come up for me.

Trying to put a guide layer within a mask

I’m doing an animation with a planet revolving around an object. I used a guide layer to create the animation so that the planet goes along the ellipse. In order for the planet to go behind the object, I of course need a mask. But it seems that I can only use either a guide layer or mask layer for an object, not both. I tried Googling the issue; it’s coming up dry.

What are these green rulers along the top and side of this Illustrator document?

I recently opened an Illustrator file made by my employer’s previous graphic designer and found that it had these rulers along the side that have the appearance of guides, but didn’t go away when I hid guides, smart guides, or rulers. They’re not a problem and I don’t need to recreate them, I’m just wondering if anyone has any idea what they are because I’ve never been them before.