Guzzlehttp – How get the body of a response from Guzzle 6?

I’m trying to write a wrapper around an api my company is developing. It’s restful, and using Postman I can send a post request to an endpoint like with a username and password as POST data and I am given back a token. All works as expected. Now, when I try and do the same from PHP I get back a GuzzleHttpPsr7Response object, but can’t seem to find the token anywhere inside it as I did with the Postman request.

How do you log all API calls using Guzzle 6

I’m trying to use guzzle 6 which works fine but I’m lost when it comes to how to log all the api calls. I would like to simply log timing, logged in user from session, url and any other usual pertinent info that has to do with the API call. I can’t seem to find any documentation for Guzzle 6 that refers to this, only guzzle 3 (Where they’ve changed the logging addSubscriber call). This is how my current API calls are: