SQL split comma separated row

I have a column with a variable number of comma seperated values: somethingA,somethingB,somethingC somethingElseA, somethingElseB And I want the result to take each value, and create a row: somethingA somethingB somethingC somethingElseA somethingElseB How can I do this in SQL (MySQL)? (I’ve tried googling “implode” and “lateral view”, but those don’t seem to turn up … Read more

Hive – Thrift – Missing version in readMessageBegin, old client?

Hello I’m trying to build a nodejs client for querying my hive database using thrift but I’m facing a strange issue … I’ve generated my nodejs client API with thrift (thrift -r --gen js:node TCLIService.thrift with TCLIService being the thrift file defining the Hive services) and now I try to connect to Hive but my OpenSession is pending … Maybe I’me not doing the right call but I don’t find anything recent on the net (every thrift / node / hive project is 4 or 5 years old). Can you take a look and tell me if I’m doing it wrong ? Thanks