Whats a good rate of change in frames for starting out in animation with adobe animate?

I am starting out drawing some basic animations in adobe animate. what I am wondering is
what is recommended for drawing changes in the animation like how many frames in between should I skip to achieve something that doesn’t zoom past too fast. to more refine what I am trying to ask
How would I go about drawing a simple talking face that don’t seem to be choppy or too fast in the progression. I might be answering it myself a little here but I was thinking like every 15 frames draw something changed. Sorry if this has been asked a bunch of times before I am looking for an updated response on what works best for you that you recommend for me.

How can I perform colour and alpha replacements based on colour channel?

I have extracted texture files from a game that I intend to use in Unity. In doing so, I have one texture map labeled “Multi” that is intended to be overlaid on top of the Diffuse texture. Problem is, I have found few details about “Multi” texture maps online, so I decided I would manually overlay it onto the Diffuse texture itself.