Convert a pen signature like a marker or fountain pen using the tools on line

Starting from this old question, How to convert a signature from JPG to vector strokes?, or other similar, without to have installed anything on my notebook, is there the possibility to trasform my signature written with a ballpoint pen and make it as if I use a marker or fountain pen?

How to reduce the number of nodes in a traced map using inkscape?

I was trying to incorporate a map outline in a logo using trace bitmap feature in inkscape. I was able to trace with some modifications in the setting, but the problem is it has more number of nodes. I am trying to reduce the number of nodes using simplify command, but as soon as I do this I am loosing the curves of the map & even getting variable thickness. Is there any workaround to solve this problem. Also is there any other method to include maps in a logo without tracing?

How to trace an image in illustrator and reduce it to only outlines of the edges between colors?

so bear with me here.
When I trace an image in Illustrator, there is the option of viewing just the outlines. I want to be able to output an image that is made up of solely these outlines themselves so I can work with them.
For example, I traced this photograph in black and white: How to trace an image in illustrator and reduce it to only outlines of the edges between colors?
But I’d like to export an image of these outlines in blue here(although I don’t necessarily want them in this color):
enter image description here

Easiest way to wrap label around an existing bottle / can

I’m trying to add a label to a can in Adobe Illustrator CS6. I’ve seen tutorials on how to create the bottle using 3D revolve and then map the art (using a symbol) to the 3D object. The problem is, I cannot do this because the bottle already exists and is in the hand of a Lego minifigure that I vectorised using Image Trace, High Fidelity Photo. As illustrated below: