InDesign plug-in for random text variations in size and position

I’m trying to typeset a book with an “old” / “handmade” look, with little irregularities, shuffled up kerning and spacing, letters that are slightly unaligned, and so on. More or less like in this question, but I’m looking for a solution that does not rely on a custom font: is there a plug-in or a script for InDesign that randomly applies variations in size/shift/position to characters in text in order to achieve this effect?

Finding and replacing footnotes inside punctuation

Is there any way of finding and replacing footnotes inside punctuation with the same number footnote outside the punctuation? I don’t mind doing separate find and replaces for all conceivable types of punctuation (full stops, commas, exclamation and question marks) but if I have to do it all manually it’s going to take days as there are thousands of footnotes and almost all of them have been placed inside punctuation, i.e. footnote then full stop rather than the footnote after the full stop. I know there is a GREP to find the footnotes but I can’t find a way of getting it to replace the footnote with the same footnote, or of leaving the footnote and moving the punctuation. Thanks in advance!

Encyclopaedia-style InDesign running headers, where pages have many, one or zero headings

So, you can have a heading running on each page that varies automatically based on the most recent heading (or, occurrence of any other paragraph style) by putting text with InDesign text variables based on the Running Headings text variable type ( type > text variables > define). Example tutorial.

Convert paragraphs to specific style based on content?

I really like plain text writers, such as Ulysses and the recently found Bear (both Mac). I’m currently writing my thesis and I enjoy styling. However, something that really annoys me is the gap between a plain text writer and InDesign. I can’t easily copy over text from a simple writer to InDesign. So I’m looking for a way to minimise that gap.