Instagram embed: React’s JSX doesn’t support namespace tags

I was trying to embed an Instagram post on my React website but I encountered the error “Namespace tags are not supported by default. React’s JSX doesn’t support namespace tags. You can set throwIfNamespace: false to bypass this warning.” Where am I supposed to set throwIfNamespace: false. My first guess is node_modules/react-scripts/webpack.config.js. Where in webpack.config am I supposed to put throwIfNamespace: false. I found this question but the accepted answer shows how to change SVG attributes.

Limit posts from Instagram API on a Google Map based on radius in current window

So I have the code below which is the front end on a node.js app which pulls Instagram posts with a certain hashtag. Right now it posts all over the world. Is there a way to limit the radius on the posts and if possible, limit to the window that is currently visible to the user? I’m using the Instagram Real Time tag subscription.

Saving Items In Mongoose For Loop With Schema Methods

I’m having a problem saving items running through for loop if I attach any extra validation methods. Basically, I’m building an instagram API app that allows editors to remove photos that are unseemly. Photos are pulled from Instagram in batches of 20 and displayed to editors. If an editor clicks a photo, it is first put on a ‘blacklist’ database by ID, then deleted from the main photo database.