PHP misses system variables when using exec

So i have a project where I send spotify track URL to server and store it. I use laragon with PHP 7.4 installed, windows 11. I use that downloader. It works via cmd command line. When I try to use it by hand it works fine, but when i send it by exec() it doesn’t work. I can’t get any return message neither. I have tried using exec(), system() and shell_exec() functions. The problem might be with with system variables, as these might not be visible for PHP. I have also tried turning on/off server and it didn’t work. I have also tried to put putenv('PATH=' . $_SERVER['PATH']) at the beginning of file. I tried to check laragon path variables itself – I couldn’t see these i have added. Any other default windows commands works as should be. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Laravel 5.8. Target class [Controller] does not exist

I am trying to create a view with four inputs which all enter that data into an sql database (using Laragon). When I try click on the submit button I get an error saying “Target class [BikeController] does not exist.” Here is my controller: <?php namespace AppHttpControllers; use IlluminateHttpRequest; class BikeController extends Controller { function … Read more

Laravel project installed with laragon is forcing https in google chrome

I have a laravel project which is installed with laragon and I was working for few days nicely. Now after a sudden stop of my pc (because of electricity unavailability) I can no longer access the local site in chrome and it is forcing me to an https location. I then opened the site in mozila and it’s working there perfectly.