Fastly insert 200+ data to the tables with relationship – Laravel 5.6

Table: vacancies id int unsigned Auto Increment code varchar(191) NULL start_time timestamp NULL end_time timestamp NULL business_unit_id int unsigned job_id int unsigned on_date date break int NULL shift_id int unsigned total_numbers int Table: vacancy_details id int unsigned Auto Increment vacancy_id int unsigned day_id int unsigned shift_id int unsigned rate_type enum(‘flat_rate’,’hourly_rate’) [hourly_rate] start_time timestamp NULL end_time … Read more

how to handle null value in Laravel Eloquent?

i am new in laravel.Actually i want to filter some data on state and typeofsupply column. like if state=”south australia” and typeofsupply=”Inverter & Storage” then show me these rows who exist on both value.and if i filter like state=”south australia” and typeofsupply=Nul.then these rows will be display who exist state of south australia and typeofsupply should be any of list(All type of supply)