Resource response is not wrapped with “data”

I am very curious, why my resource response is not wrapped in data: This is my resource: AppHttpResourcesCategoryResource Object ( [resource] => stdClass Object ( [id] => 12 [title] => Category [description] => <p>Test</p> [with] => Array ( ) [additional] => Array ( ) ) Once this resource is returned like this: $response = $this->client->getApiResponse('/api/category/'.$id); … Read more

Laravel Auth, Getting the default URL that is passed in Notification

I just wanted to change the ->greeting() in notification in my toMail() function of the default auth after registering. I want to retain the verify URL and etc. But I am stucked. If I override the sendEmailVerificationnotification() the whole mail is changed. How to get the URL that was supposed to be sent originally or how to edit the original auth to edit only the ->greeting(‘Hello’) with Dear Name, ?