Insert query works fine on my local but doesn’t execute on my live database (Laravel/MySQL)

I have a very simple function that loops through an array and inserts some data into a results table – this works perfectly fine on my local using the very same code. On my local setup (Mac) using Laravel Valet & an MySQL database it hits the function Result::create($data) and inserts this data in the database. However on the live/remote site it never hits the Result::create() within the insertUniqueMatches for some reason.

Does a queued job in Laravel get stopped if deleted from database?

I am trying to implement a feature when a user deletes their account, it activates a job that queues in a week, but the user is allowed to cancel this queue if they decide to keep their account. However, I noticed when I deleted the job from the database, the job didn’t activate. Is this the right way to cancel the queued job?