Laravel Notifications Mark One Notification as Read

I’m new to laravel notification
I want when to click on the notification the link takes me to the invoice and the notification should be marked as read
I don’t know how to mark one notification as read.
I know that I should take the notification id to mark the specific notification as read but I don’t know how to is it in a function.

Laravel 5.3 Notification Vs Mailable

I am a little confused about whether to use Laravel’s Notification or Mailable class. From what I understand, Mailables are used to send only emails whereas Notifications can be used to send emails and sms. In my application, I dont have plans to send sms notifications for now, so I am confused if I should just use the Mailable class in this case. My questions are:

Laravel Auth, Getting the default URL that is passed in Notification

I just wanted to change the ->greeting() in notification in my toMail() function of the default auth after registering. I want to retain the verify URL and etc. But I am stucked. If I override the sendEmailVerificationnotification() the whole mail is changed. How to get the URL that was supposed to be sent originally or how to edit the original auth to edit only the ->greeting(‘Hello’) with Dear Name, ?