Does a queued job in Laravel get stopped if deleted from database?

I am trying to implement a feature when a user deletes their account, it activates a job that queues in a week, but the user is allowed to cancel this queue if they decide to keep their account. However, I noticed when I deleted the job from the database, the job didn’t activate. Is this the right way to cancel the queued job?

Laravel Excel Queue Allowed memory size

I’m trying to export xlsx file that includes around 100,000 rows for 12 months each sheet take one month in laravel 8 using Maatwebsite Excel This process takes around 15~30 mint, So I use a queue in laravel excel in order to keep the job run in the background and notify the user when it finishes. During the process php artisan queue:work --memory=10240 it stops and it shows this error in terminal

Null values are not being detected in csv laravel queue

I’m facing an issue while uploading csv file with the help of laravel queue jobs. Problem is that when I don’t enter some value in csv and it is in the form of ,, I have a check isset($item[10]) which will check if $item[10] has value or not but it is not working actually. It is still submitting in mysql table with value null. I’ve tried !empty($item[10]) as well as !($item[10]==null) and !($item[10]==”) but not working.
Thank you for your kind help.

nothing in Laravel job handle() except the notification is working?

The mail notification sending code written in the handle method of the job works. But except that , no other line of codes work there. Even doing dd("hi") in the handle() not gives me any result. In the below code, inside the handle() i’ve written to update the status column of $this->user to true .But it’s not working there although dd($this->user) inside the constructor gives me an array of data including the status field. Any help to resolve this is much appreciated.