laravel8 sanctum “Unauthenticated” when access any route under “auth:sanctum” middleware in server

I’m using sanctum for api, and all api run fine in localhost, but when run api in live server token doesn’t work, any route under “auth:sanctum” middleware redirect me to “Unauthenticated”, although i loged in, it loged in successfully and generate token, I passed “token” of the user in postman header, although it works fine in localhost, I tried alot of solutions but no way.

When the page is updated the data is deleted – vue and laravel sanctum

I am using vue and laravel in a project, I have sanctum configured in laravel, when I update the page the data is deleted I get an Unauthorized message. I tried to set vuex-persistedstate in the project, but it doesn’t work, I was also trying to create an interceptor to read the token that is stored in the localStorage but nothing.