Laravel storage link keep redirected to /public directory in hosting

I’m using a hosting service to upload my laravel project and link it to laravel’s public directory using php header location in laravel’s root directory. Then I created a storage link in public directory using symlink or artisan command, but when I’m trying to access the files it always redirected to /public, I wonder why?

Laravel storage issue with windows apache virtual host

I’m having issue with Laravel storage displaying image. i’ve enabled virtual host but when i click on the image url it goes to http://localhost/storage/. The same issue even with php artisan serve Here is the code on my blade: @foreach($course->thumbnail as $key => $media) <a href="{{ $media->getUrl() }}" target="_blank" style="display: inline-block"> <img src="{{ $media->getUrl('thumb') }}"> … Read more

Understanding file storage and protecting contents Laravel 5

I need help understanding Laravel’s file storage system. I’m creating an app where I need to upload a users drivers license photo. This is obviously sensitive information. I would like to keep this image off of the internet unless an admin is viewing it. My understanding is that i have to save things to the public directory in the storage>app>public and create a symlink to the public>storage folder. I have this done and it’s working fine. I save the path to the database and the program can display it, but I don’t want things to be in the public folder if I can avoid it.