Ctrl + Click on thumbnail in a layer is not selecting a particular area in photoshop cc 2014 & 2015

I’m facing an issue with my Adobe photoshop 2014 and 2015. When I press Ctrl and click on the thumbnail on a layer from layer pallet then it selects the whole boundary of the image. It’s not selecting my particular areas. It’s the same when I am pressing Ctrl + Shift + Click or Ctrl + Shift + I + Click. I need to select my expectation areas by this method. I’ve reset my photoshop by clicking Ctrl + Shift + Alt. But nothing happens.

How can a selection be upscaled in GIMP (without upscaling a layer or canvas)?

When using GIMP’s scale option on a selected image, the entire layer is scaled. Canvas scaling also scales the layer (along with all layers). There are also Transform tools that can scale, unfortunately they also scale the layer, not selection. My workaround is a bit sloppy. Fit canvas to selection, then use scale to desired size, copy and paste back into its original source. Scaling down is similar, but with fewer steps. GIMP is such a great program, I don’t know why scaling a selection is so weird.

I want to use “Send to Current Layer”, but it’s disabled no matter what I do

I want to move the selected groups below to the Cross Sections layer. Drag and drop in the layers tree works, but there are many more paths and groups I need to select, and drag and drop is a hassle when you need to scroll around a lot. Assume the I need to move an item that’s so far away from the target layer that I keep missing the target layer as it autoscrolls.

Gimp copy paste between layers

I have a 256×256 image with multiple named layers to make it easy to edit game graphics that have transparency as PNG. I want to paste the contents of one layer to the next… so I select the source layer and use Shift-click to make all others invisible, then press Ctrl+C, I then go to the next layer up Shift-click and then paste – but it inserts a “floating layer”, I’m misunderstanding something basic here.