How to insert default data into table using import.sql file in Hibernate, MySQL Application

I am developing an application using Spring MVC (version 3.1), Hibernate (Version 3.5) and MySQL. In this application, I am creating a database schema each time when the application runs. I want to insert some default data into a few tables using import.sql script file. For this I have created import.sql script in the root and using the following statements in hibernate. cfg. xml file.

Cannot run program “npm” in directory

When i am traversing the to src/main/app/ folder structure where i have the package.JSON & gruntfile, i am able to run npm install and grunt command. But when i am trying to run the mvn jetty:run and a property file in the root folder of the project when POM file is present, it is throwing error that it cannot run npm install in the folder structure src/main/app/.