useParams() unable to fetch path dynamically react-router v6

import { Route, Routes, Navigate } from "react-router-dom"; import AllQuotes from './pages/AllQuotes'; import QuoteDetail from './pages/QuoteDetail'; function App() { return ( <div> <Routes> <Route path='/' element={<Navigate to='/quotes' />} /> <Route path='/quotes' element={<AllQuotes />} /> <Route path='/quotes/*' element={<QuoteDetail />} /> <Route path='/quotes/:quoteId' element={<QuoteDetail />} /> </Routes> </div> ); } export default App; this is my Quote … Read more

React App Multi-Page Not showing any data when server is started?

I am trying to configure a multi-page setup with REACT using router-dom. I have the code set up and everything runs fine. There are no errors. However, the actual app does not show any information at all.
All the code is here:
I would appreciate if anybody could look at the app and see if you can figure out what is making the app not show anything on the website page.
All code is in the repository. Please help if you can!!