Is it viable to purchase a “.com” domain while another company in the UK owns the “.co” version? Help!

I’m starting a business and I’m looking into purchasing a domain name for my business but the problem I see is that another company in the UK (United Kingdom) owns the exact name of my business but in “.co”, and I’m looking to purchase the “.com” which is actually available to purchase. Will this be a problem when people search for my company name?

2 domains, same content, same region, multilingual

I am soon launching a multilingual site under 2 different domain names, in the same region (country) and would like to know if I am taking the wrong approach and running into a wall. I would also like to have suggestions, recommendations on what I should do to make things right. I read several questions/answers about multilingual sites with the same content in different regions. But good advice/questions/answers for the same site, with multiple domains, with the same content, in the same region, are harder to find.

How should I organize multiple Express servers on the same system?

I’m using one server to host multiple Node.js web apps, which are distributed across multiple domains. My current practice is to run an Express server for each app on a different port, and to run a base server that simply routes (redirects) requests to the correct port/Express server. This works, but it means that my base server is routing every single HTTP request (and by manually redirecting it), and that my users see my apps as hosted at []:8000.