Difference between react.js and Ajax

When I googled about React.js what I got is: React.js is a Framework that is used to create user interfaces. If a particular part of the website is frequently updated that means we can use react. But I am confused that Ajax has been used for this only. We can update a part of site using Ajax without page refresh. For templating we would be using handlebars and mustache. Could somebody explain me in what ways react is different from Ajax and why we should use it.

how to have grunt task render mustache partials to static HTML

Background I’ve been using grunt.js with a hogan.js task to build the static HTML for our internal docs. I’m learning JavaScript as I go, but I’ve gotten the task to work well enough for layouts and pages, but it would really help our workflow to have the hogan task render mustache partials to HTML, as … Read more