Shopify REST Admin API – fetch orders by line_items[0].title = something

For context, I am requesting via node-fetch the Shopify Admin REST API orders.json with the queries shown in my code. For some reason, this only returns the latest order regardless of if I add status=any or limit=250 (which is the standard limit for orders). Before I go too much into detail let me show my code so you can understand the query.

Clash Royale Node Fetch with Key

Im trying to make a discord bot where if you type -cr into the chat, it takes the Arguments of the user (Being the Clash Royale Player’s player tag) and would then use the package node-fetch to receive data with my specified endpoint. I am constantly running into the error of { reason: 'accessDenied', message: 'Invalid authorization' }. Im rather new to this stuff, especially API’s, but im hoping to access certain data which I can decide later on (Which I know how to do). My code is :