Vue.js How to mirror input field with v-model and computed property and a checkbox

I am trying to figure out how to properly mirror two input fields and dynamically change them based on a checkbox value. This is the best what I can think of using computed property with get and set features.
The problem is when the user types (1)”ABC” in shipping details, (2)unchecks (copy_chekcbox=false), (3)types “123” in billing details, and (4)checks back (copy_chekcbox=true) (5)the billing details doesn’t revert to shipping details, which is what I need.
Image with steps

How to remove default value from input number in vue?

I have a Vue input number component which accepts precision upto five decimal points. Its all fine except it shows the default value 0.000000 which is kinda boring to look at because this field is optional. I am using el-input-number component from the element-ui. Is there any tweak to remove the boring default value of 0.000000 ?

Error: Cannot find module ‘nuxt-i18n’ and docker-compose up does not start

What I want to solve I’m using docker-compose with Nuxt front and Rails for the backend, and when I tried to use Jest for testing Nuxt, I found that I needed to switch versions. So I changed from node:14.4.0-alpine to node:14.15.5-alpine and tried to install Jest, but I got a nuxt-i18n’ error when building node:14.15.5-alpine’. … Read more

Vuetify Combobox add new item as object instead of string

I am building a new/edit item form using Vuetify(v2.6.3). My form has multiple combobox’s that pull their items from a backend API as objects. I would like to be able to add new items, which the combobox is able to do. However, when I add a new item it’s added as a string. Is there a way to add that new item as an object instead?