Is it possible to set up a client running (server-side) on a node.js server?

I’d like to enable socket-based p2p communications between two or more different node.js application servers. I’m using to handle all such communication between a given server and the web application it serves – but what I’m looking for is a way to communicate server-to-server.

React Native – How to make two devices communicate between each other when connected to the same network?

I’m working on a personal project in React Native and part of it involves two devices, regardless of whether they’re Android or iOS and both using this app, sending each other some data in a JSON format. To give some context, three devices (A, B and C) are connected to the same wifi network and once device A created a group, devices B and C should be able to find device A through a unique id and then send data to it. Device A, upon receiving data, will do some stuff and send a status code back.