Activating path selection automatically in PS

Is there some way to make Photoshop to activate the selection automatically when the path is closed?
In GIMP I would make a closed path, hit enter and the selection would immediately be activated with “marching ants”.
It’s not the case in PS – I tried hitting enter and tried to select “Make selection” option after right clicking on the path – still, the path remains inactive.
Surely it must be something wrong with my PS settings somewhere because I find it hard to believe that PS devs would make such a trivial task so unintuitive.

Is there more than one method of creating a curve with the pen tool?

I’ve noticed in some tutorials that when using the pen tool to create curves it is – click and drag and then clicking to another point and the curve is made. I find myself clicking on one point first and then clicking and dragging on the second point to make the curve. I am wondering whether there is a difference in the methods in affecting the curve?