Is it possible to quickly export a .jpg and .png simultaneously in Photoshop?

I work with product images for an online retail site. Each product image needs to have a .jpg copy and .png copy. Currently, I just export once as .jpg and then export again as .png. This is both time-consuming and I often forget one of the file types. Is it possible to have a quick export that creates both filetypes simultaneously?

How to make a Photoshop droplet export PNG into the folder where source PSD is located in

I am looking for a way a Photoshop droplet could export PNG from a PSD file into the folder of that PSD file. I plan to create a droplet I could drop PSD files in and the droplet would ‘convert’ those PSD into PNG and save those PNG in the folders where the PSD are located in. Thank you in advance!

Read options from tool preset and swatches in ExtendScript for Photoshop

In ExtendScript for Photoshop is there a way to read the swatches like name-color and the configuration of a text tool preset? I want to detect the color from some rectangles in the image, get the name of the swatch associated to and write a text inside it with the style of the preset with the same name.