3 page spread in saddle stitch publication – InDesign CS6

I am printing an A5 booklet with 36 pages. I am doing a test print as a saddle stitch booklet. One of the spreads has photographs that span out over 3 pages so it is a fold out part. I have no idea how to imposition this with the additional 3 page spread. I thought somehow I could print the 3 page spread separately on an A3 page but that would mess up the multiples of 4 in the publication if I removed it.

When printing layout page it does not show the actual cards

I am designing a game cards. I merged the layout of the single master card with csv file,as you can see on the pictures below. After that I made a printing layout page using rectangle frame tool and placed the source of the layout for single cards. How to force to Indesign to print the actual texts on the cards and not the layout of the master card ?

How to print twice in the same position with laserjet printer?

I have an HP Laserjet 1018 printer. I am printing my circuit designs on a transparent paper, when I do so the output isn’t totally dark. I have to go over it with a black marker so its totally black. What I want to do is print the first time the circuit then the second time the same circuit in the same position over the first printed circuit. When I try printing the second time the circuits are not aligned with each other. How can I print the circuits aligned with each other.

Does printer color usage depend on how the object is designed?

This seems a stupid question but I am not sure about its result. suppose we want to draw a yellow triangle over a blue rectangle. Is it important (for printing purpose) to colorize the below of triangle or not? (see the below image). If the input of printer were photoshop or CorelDraw or illustrator file then printer has access to its layers and that is not clear to me printer prints each layer simultaneously or not? If I am right so I should be so careful when I am using layers. Right?