How to properly use aria selectors for definition lists in puppeteer

I’m writing some UI functional tests using puppeteer. After discovering the “Puppetaria” article, I decided that whenever it’s possible, I want to use aria selectors. This has been working OK in many cases, but I’m struggling to figure out how to properly do this using a <dl/> definition list. I’m using a <dl/> to show details about an object in the hopes that it’s an accessible way to present things. For example:

puppeteer – How to extract content from a page that have multiple divs with same class

I have a simple puppeteer script to scrape an announces website. I need to get the content of the page and after I’ve inspected the DOM I’m able to see that all the contents will have the same class for the div that contain the link and the text. How I can get the contents of each div with a loop?