How to re-render checkbox state when mapping over state

I have a component where I can select several checkboxes. For each selected checkbox, a chip is generated that illustrates the selected checkboxes. These chips have a remove handler that can remove the selections (like the checkbox itself9. This works so far, but if I use the chips to remove the selection, the state of the corresponding checkbox is not adjusted.

Passing state from parent component to child function

I am a bit lost when it comes to passing a state from a component to a function. I have successfully passed a state from Home into ListHome(A component being imported and rendered into Home) but I am struggling to continue passing it to a function that is being rendered in ListHome(Slider). Mainly due to it being a function.

Why aren’t I able to use onClick with an icon using React?

I am using react JS and I want to make use of an icon to basically make it look like a dropdown. Screenshot attached to this question.
I am able to call an onClick function using a button but the same code is not working with an i tag. The tutorial I am following may have been outdated. But I want to know the alternative.
Here is my class component.
Why aren't I able to use onClick with an icon using React?