How to create global variables accessible in all views using Express / Node.JS?

Ok, so I have built a blog using Jekyll and you can define variables in a file _config.yml which are accessible in all of the templates/layouts. I am currently using Node.JS / Express with EJS templates and ejs-locals (for partials/layouts. I am looking to do something similar to the global variables like site.title that are found in _config.yml if anyone is familiar with Jekyll. I have variables like the site’s title, (rather than page title), author/company name, which stay the same on all of my pages.

How do I convert an image to a base64-encoded data URL in sails.js or generally in the servers side JavaScript?

I am making a small app in sails.js and I need to store images in database. For that, I need to convert an image to a base64-encoded data URL so that I can save it as a string in my sails models. However, I don’t know how to convert it in this form. All the older questions asked about converting an image to base64-encoded data URLs, and they answer this about doing it on the client side. However, I want to do it on the server side while I will be getting the image through a post request. How can I achieve this?